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Tea Just Tastes Better in an Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tea Kettle

Whether you’re preparing tea for one, tea for two or tea for a group, there’s nothing better than being able to serve the freshest, most flavorful brew possible. Ceramic tea kettles from Xtrema help you achieve the pinnacle of tea deliciousness.

If you are new to cookware made from ceramic, you are definitely in for a treat. Unlike metal tea kettles, our ceramic tea kettles and teapots are heat-resistant up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if your water boils over, you won’t damage the kettle’s integrity.

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A Tea Kettle You Can Trust

Ceramic tea kettles never leach strange tastes into your heated liquids. The ceramic glazes used to cover the insides and outsides are naturally composed of earth-friendly minerals. They heat water up quickly without releasing any chemicals into your favorite green, black, white, oolong, herbal or chamomile tea blends. Also there’s no need to worry about accidentally burning your hand when you reach for the handle — our Xtrema ceramic tea kettle handle can stay cool to the touch when using medium heat.

Spruce up your kitchen with a ceramic tea kettle, available in high gloss black ceramic with four different colors of lids. Have a tea lover on your gift list? The Xtrema ceramic tea kettles we offer are ideal for giving as presents. You can even create your own tea lover’s basket by adding some loose tea, English biscuits and scones and our own Nylon Tea Pot infuser to your package. Be creative and introduce someone you care about to the advantages of cooking with ceramic!

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