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Tea Lovers Appreciate the Beauty and Functionality of Ceramic Teaware

Tea lovers are often very specific about their hot beverage of choice. If you want to ensure that every cup of tea you brew completely meets your expectations, you need our Xtrema ceramic teaware. Ceramic teaware is unlike teaware made of metal(s) for numerous reasons:

  • Ceramic doesn’t make your steeped or boiled water taste odd or unpleasant. The same cannot be said for metal-based teaware that leaches particles into boiling H2O.
  • Ceramic heats up your water faster, allowing you to get to your perfect tea even faster. If your water heats up so fast it evaporates before you get the chance to use it, the ceramic teaware will not burn. Tea kettles and teapots from Xtrema can handle up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit without reacting to the temperature.
  • Ceramic teaware can go from the stove to the microwave to the refrigerator. It’s completely versatile and practically impervious to heat or cold!

Your All-Natural and Eco-Friendly Choice

Another important reason that more homeowners and tea aficionados are turning to ceramic teaware is that it is all natural and eco-friendly. Our Xtrema ceramic teaware is 100% green. In fact, Xtrema is a Green America-certified business, which is important to consider when purchasing cooking equipment that won’t clutter up your local landfill.

Ready to make the move to the best teaware you’ll ever own? Take teatime to the next level with Xtrema ceramic teaware and other ceramic kitchen items. Order ceramic teaware online for you or a loved one today!

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