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Choose Healthy Teapots for You and Your Family

As a tea lover, you should know that your hot beverage of choice is considered very healthy. Why shouldn’t your teapot be just as health-conscious? Every Xtrema ceramic teapot has specific attributes that make it the healthier choice over teapots made with metals, composite materials or toxic, non-stick coating and chemicals.

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Some of the reasons we feel good about our healthy teapots are:

  • Ceramic is a non-toxic, naturally occurring, inorganic material. This means it will not leach any metals into your food, nor does it take up a large carbon footprint to produce.
  • The ceramic glaze that covers all our Xtrema teapots is also non-toxic and safe. It is designed not leave any chemicals in your drinks.
  • Ceramic is a very forgiving, dependable material. If you absentmindedly leave your tea water boiling on the stove, your ceramic teapot will not melt and ruin your stove when the liquid evaporates. This is a safety benefit however if you boil the teapot dry this mishap can cause the teapot to crack which is not covered by the warranty, so please be careful.

Best of all, the ceramic teapots you will find here are not just healthy, but also very attractive. Many people feel that they make the kitchen more of a showplace thanks to their good looks!

Green Tea in a Healthy Teapot — What Could Be Better?

You spend so much of your time making sure you choose eco-friendlier options whenever you can…why not extend your concerns to your cookware. Xtrema ceramic teapots and other ceramic cooking items are some of the greenest investments you can make. Treat yourself to a healthier cup of tea with ceramic!

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