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Looking for a Non-Toxic Tea Kettle? Meet Xtrema!

One of the concerns for many tea drinkers is that their tea kettles and teapots may be leaching unwanted metals, chemicals and toxins into their water. This not only makes it unpleasant for them to truly enjoy their tea, but it also concerns them for health reasons. Rather than continuing to worry about this possibility, it’s much better to invest in a non-toxic tea kettle made of ceramic and glazed with ceramic.

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Non-Toxic, Earth-Friendly Ceramic

Xtrema’s ceramic tea kettle is completely non-toxic because it’s made from earth-friendly ceramic minerals. Every aspect of it is safe because it will never discharge unwanted particulates into your liquids. This gives you tremendous peace of mind and makes it a terrific investment for anyone looking for the purest way to brew his or her morning or evening oolong, chamomile or green tea.

The Beautiful and Healthy Option

Ceramic, non-toxic tea kettles aren’t just healthier. They are also top-notch when it comes to performance and expectations. Ceramic tea kettles can easily go from the stovetop to the refrigerator, so if you decide you want to save some of your tea for iced tea in the afternoon, you don’t have to remove it from the kettle. Your Xtrema tea kettle is beautiful to look at, offering several shades of gorgeous tea kettle lids so you can buy your favorites and mix and match.

No one should wonder if his or her tea is safe to drink. With Xtrema ceramic tea kettles, you can be certain that you’re getting only what you want…and nothing that you don’t. Purchase a ceramic tea kettle for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, today!

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