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Tea Infuser Mug

Green Mug and Tea Infuser

We have silicone tea infusers, and we have ceramic tea mugs, but we are now bringing them together in the ultimate tea lover's package. Our Ovenex tea mugs with our silicone infuser combine the best of both worlds into an all-in-one, tea extravaganza.

These ingenious ceramic mugs with their own silicone tea infuser are a must-have in your house if you are an avid tea drinker, especially if you enjoy blending your own loose-leaf teas together to create your own unique flavors. High-temperature ceramic is used in the creation of these mugs so your tea stays nice and warm, even if the weather outside is not. They are crafted using only 100% all natural materials, making your Ovenex ceramic tea infuser mug 100% GREEN and ECO friendly.

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The Ovenex Tea Infuser Mug Advantage Takes Tea Drinking to the Next Level

When you’re a devoted tea drinker, pre-bagged teas can get old. That’s why so many people are switching over to loose leaf teas and trying out tea infuser mugs. The Ovenex ceramic tea and silicone made infuser mug advantages will impress even the most passionate tea drinkers. These mugs are crafted with high-temperature ceramics, which helps to ensure superior heat retention keeping your tea hotter for longer — even if you can’t drink your tea right away, it’ll still be warm when you get back to it.

If you are not able to make it back to your tea in time and it does cool off just a bit too much for your liking, our tea infuser mugs are 100% microwave safe. They are made of all natural materials, so you can pop your mug into the microwave and reheat your tea without worrying about dirtying more dishes — and wasting precious tea.

These materials also ensure that each Ovenex mug and silicone tea infuser is dishwasher safe and bacteria resistant. This makes cleanup a breeze whether you are hand washing your mug or putting it in your dishwasher. When you use your Ovenex mug, you can forget about stains or unpleasant tastes and odors from your last cup of tea. That’s because each tea infuser mug is coated with a ceramic glaze to provide a smooth, non-scratch surface.

A Tea Infuser Mug With Function and Purpose

When it comes to picking out the best tea mug, you should always look for three key qualities. Number one is that the mug should easily keep your tea nice and hot. Number 2 is that the mug should be durable enough to last through years of daily use without cracking or chipping. Finally yet importantly, number three is that the mug should be made from natural materials to keep the earth and yourself as healthy as possible. Ovenex ceramic mugs and silicone tea infusers cover all of these bases to provide you with the perfect mug — plus, they are functional, versatile, compact and stylish.

If your morning rituals are not complete without a cup of tea or you only bring out your Ovenex mug during the colder months, having the Ovenex mug and tea infuser on hand at all times will ensure you always have exactly what you need to enjoy any flavor combinations of tea you can dream up. Order your Ovenex ceramic mug with the silicone tea infuser today and stock up on your favorite loose-leaf teas. You can start enjoying your own personal creations as soon as your Ovenex mug set arrives.

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