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Try Our Ceramic Teaware

Love curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea on a rainy day?

Love cooling off with a tall glass of iced tea on your porch in the summer?

From chamomile and oolong to rooibos and green, tea aficionados certainly have a lot to love (and taste!). But there’s some downsides to traditional teapots that might leave you longing for more on your stovetop. Hate the metallic taste traditional pots leave in your piping hot water? Hate the water spots and rust rings on cheap metal teapots? Hate the feeling of burnt fingers after grabbing a too-hot-to-touch handle?

Us, too. That’s why we created our line of ceramic stove-top teaware.

The Xtrema Ceramic Teaware Difference

Those not familiar with the line of Xtrema cookware products might not know what to expect from our ceramic teaware products. Tea lovers consistently choose our ceramic teaware above the rest because of its durability, ease of use and easy clean up.

But what they might not realize is that we are one of the few ceramic teaware companies that makes sure we’re as all-natural as the leaves you’re brewing. Our products are completely non-toxic, and we pride ourselves on using an array of green materials and eco-friendly building practices throughout the manufacturing process.

Every piece of ceramic teaware starts the same way: with water, clay and inorganic materials you can find in the earth’s crust. Our ceramic glazes are metal-free and don’t contain any toxic dyes or chemicals. And, Xtrema is proud to be a Green America certified business. If you’re also green minded, you’ll appreciate that our ceramic teaware means less waste in landfills and less dish soap to clean its all-natural surfaces!

Ceramic Teaware Taste Test

Our black ceramic teapots come in two stylish designs: the 2.5 Qt 100% Ceramic Swirl Tea Pot - Gloss Black Finish and the 2.5 Qt Asiana 100% Ceramic Tea Pot. But our ceramic teaware is more than just a pretty pot. Perfect for everyday use, this ceramic teaware will stand the test of time and ensure you’re only drinking clean, non-metallic tasting safe water.

Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware products are designed with your health in mind. We know you’re worried about the effects of nonstick coating flaking off into your stir-fry’s or harsh metals leaching into your food during cooking. We know you’re looking for the healthiest products for you and your family, and your ceramic teaware is no exception.

Unlike metal products teapots, our ceramic teaware is 100 percent green and 100 percent safe. When you prepare water in our ceramic teaware, you’ll never have a metallic taste, and there will be no chemical residue left behind. Our eco-friendly ceramic glaze is not only non-porous, but it’s also non-toxic.

Faster Boiling and Better Heat Retention With Our Ceramic Teaware

Our ceramic teaware will keep your tea, water or broth hotter longer. And, if you’re so inclined, you can take our ceramic teaware right from the stovetop to the table or the refrigerator, combining the best qualities of a traditional pot and kettle. As an added bonus, the carefully designed handle on our ceramic teaware will help keep burns and spills at bay. You can even put or Xtrema teapots in the microwave.

If you’re easily distracted and often find yourself with a teapot that has boiled dry, you know the pain of replacing your favorite kettle. But our ceramic teapots can stand the heat in your kitchen — temperatures up to 2,500°F, to be exact — so you’ll never have to worry about a ruined stove top when your metal teapot melts from being boiled dry.

New Ceramic Teaware Infusers

If you’re a loose leaf tea fan but hate the clean-up, we recently introduced our Nylon Tea Pot Infusers, which are the perfect addition to your ceramic teaware collection. The infusers come in two sizes and are made of nylon with a titanium mesh. The infusers are designed to brew leaves without the waste of a bag and are approved by the FDA as non toxic.

Personalize Your Ceramic Teaware

Do you enjoy color coordinating your kitchen accessories? Then you’ll love the latest additions to our line of ceramic teaware! Our 2.5-quart Ceramic Swirl Teapot and 2.5-quart Ceramic Asiana Tea Pot both come with multiple colored lid options to customize your tea-brewing experience. Choose from Midnight Black, Starlite White, Firebrick Red and Apple Green. And, if you’re giving the teapot as a gift, you can also get a backup lid in Midnight Black just in case!

Buy our safe, attractive ceramic teaware products today to get brewing! You’ll sip easy knowing you made the safe choice for you and your family. Cheers!

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