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Customer Testimonials

Here's what actual customers are saying about their Xtrema ceramic cookware and teaware.

I love cooking in my Xtrema pots! I purchased them because I did a 28 day heavy metal detox and I wanted to make sure that I was eating chemical free. I use my pots every day. I cook soups and just about everything in the wok. I just love that I feel healthier cooking with them!! Regards, Mardi R.

I just got my new Kettle and mugs. I bought a product called Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy – Nearly Universal Fit.The mesh part hangs in the mugs (no plastic contact) and I just boiled the water in my new Kettle and after it was boiled, I placed the mugs on the glass burner after I turned the burner off from boiling the kettle. I made 2 mugs at one time and left them on the burner in the warm/off position. Well the coffee was nice and hot and it was the best coffee I have had in a long time. No more plastics or metals in the coffee makers for me. I can really taste the difference. The kettle boiled the water just as fast as I recall it would boil in a metal pan.   With this going on, I made my eggs in my new omelet pan. It takes practice, but I got it to work. I warmed the pan on my glass burner at low/med for 3 minutes. Then sprayed the coconut ( aerosol can) oil in the pan and added the sunny side eggs. I used my dinner plate as a lid to warm my plate and cook more evenly. It took a lot longer to cook than it would in the metal non-stick pans but it is ok. It took about 15 minutes all total after adding the eggs. I added the cheese and toppings on top after about 10 minutes in. It worked. I couldn’t get them to slide out on its own, but with the spatula, it transferred well. I will get better at this as time goes on. The food really does taste better, no lie. As the cooler weather arrives, I look forward to using my 3.5 and 5.5 Qt pots with the steamer. Soup here we come. Thanks for the well made and designed products.

  I was a stoneware potter for 30 years, so I understand how tricky it is to develop a clay body this good with a low thermal expansion and a glaze that is really non-toxic. So many potters are using clay and glazes that leach into the food. I would love to see more picture of the making of these at your factory. Just curious.

  ThanksHannah H.

It's not just that Ceramcor has great cookware, they also have attentive, personal customer service--best I've encountered in years. Robin P.

I have purchased in past years from Xtrema: Two 1 and 1/2 quart sauce pans, one 10 inch skillet, one 2 and 1/2 quart skillets, Two silicone steamer sets to go with the two 1 and 1/2 quart sauce pans, and have just ordered another 1 and 1/2 quart sauce pan. I am very pleased with the products. Especially pleasing is that I taste none of the metallic aftertaste one experiences with aluminum pots and pans and skillets. The flavor of the actual food being cooked is all you taste. The products have been easy to wash by hand with simple water and hand soap - no special detergents needed. Also reassuring is that you are dealing directly with the owners of the company if a question or concern comes up. They have been very responsive from my experience. -Wilson

Hi Bob...we are VERY happy with the Xtrema cookware....They work well and are easily cleaned. We have spent large amounts of money on so called "non-stick" pans that require too much care. These don't stick and they clean up very well. Your customer service was beyond reproach. We couldn't be happier. My next purchase will be the large dutch oven. Thanks so much.- Deborah

Thank you for sending me the most Green-Pan in the world. Talking about Green, this is the Greenest Pan possible. I cooked cannellini beans and they came out delicious as ever. Please, every American Family is searching for a solution to a healthier cooking experience. Therefore, make sure that anyone searching for any cookware, receives your message. Thank you, and God Bless You.- Luisa P.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend! I had read other reviews saying this cookware is very breakable but I have not found that to be true. If you take care of it as you would a pyrex mixing bowl, for example, it is fine. Don't throw it or crash it down on the counter and it will last! It's common sense. If you want cookware that is ceramic then it stands to reason that it requires care that you would give ceramic. I LOVE this cookware!! It's easy to cooks food evenly, and it's beautiful....AND BEST OF is NONTOXIC. Yay!! I love it and my only regret is that I didn't get it years ago. The handles do get hot but the silicone handle covers prevent me from burning myself. A lot of my other "poisonous" metal cookware had handles that got hot too so I'm not complaining, just explaining. Again, common sense: When I am cooking, it's obvious that the ceramic handles would be hot since it's the same material as the rest of the cookware. I use the mitts to handle the stovetop cooking just as if I was taking it out of the oven. No biggie. Well worth the health benefits. THANK YOU for making this cookware, Xtrema! And, no, I didn't receive any kickbacks or incentives to write this review: I just wanted to spread the joy. :>) Service: The delivery was prompt..... the amount of time was less than a week from the moment I ordered it until I received it. It was all in perfect condition. It is so beautiful......not that is has to be for cooking but it just is.- Carla

Merry Christmas... my wife, who loves to cook and is a Certified Nutritionist just opened, and is already cooking with, your product. She is extremely happy.... thanks. Anyway, we will shortly be ordering from your website some additional items. God Bless, - Jim T.

Hey there Bob, just talked to you few minutes ago on phone praising the cookware, you betcha it's the best on the planet...this cookware is an amazing introduction in cookware history. You named it so right, it is Xtremely Xtrema!!!!!!! Good going guys... - Ruth

I'm swooning....I have never had such wonderful cookware.

Hello Bob, wow! Talk about customer service! We will DEFINITELY be buying more cookware from you, and we will spread the word about your excellent & sturdy yet lightweight ceramic cookware to all our friends. Thanks again for your help! God Bless, - Anne Marie P

Thank you so much for starting your company and making such a wonderful product. For over a year I have been searching the internet for a truly safe cookware...the cast iron I use for my family is getting heavier every year. Plus, I wanted a safe way to heat water (for tea) and cook pasta. Xtrema does it all. Bye, Bye cast iron! - The D. Family

I'm a cancer patient who needs to eat extremely well but who doesn't have the strength for endless scrubbing. I also want my cookware to be totally non-toxic. Xtrema has it all!!!! Gratefully, - Elizabeth G.

Thanks for the teapot, Bob! We both want to thank you for making this incredible product available.....a real breakthrough for those of us who appreciate healthful, "non-reactive", easy cleaning, and quick cooking ware. Cheers, - Ron

Hello Bob, My wife and I just purchased a 16 pc set of your cookware from our previous stainless steel cookware, I would get headaches almost whenever my wife cooked with it. No headaches with your cookware, thank you very much. - Steve

We bought a set of 4 pieces from Mercola last week and oh my goodness...I can't say enough wonderful things about your cookware...aside from the fact that the design is works! Its light weight, it heats beautifully from the refrigerator to the stovetop. Sincerely, - Marcia

Mr. Bergstrom, Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service. I received my Xtrema pot at my door step today. My husband and I are so impressed by your customer service that I felt compelled to let you know. I can begin my healthy cooking again thanks to your immediate response. God Bless! - Jancy

You have a great product! We love it! Since I have a small organic garden (mostly tomatoes & squash in the summer & lettuce in the winter), my tomatoes recipes get rave reviews from our family & friends. Even a couple of ladies asked me if I had changed my old recipe and I said "Yes! Now I use Xtrema pots!" - Beni

When I received my order the first thing I did was to test it out. First I boiled water for hot chocolate. Wow! Huge difference, the hot chocolate was rich, mush richer than previously made using a stainless steel teapot. Then I fried an egg in the Xtrema skillet and in a brand new Rachel Ray skillet. Unbelievable! The eggs were different colors, texture and flavors. I’ve now been using the cookware for several weeks and am extremely pleased with the product. The food tastes better, stays hot longer and seems to be juicier. - Lesli

Dear Bob -Jacquie and I really appreciate not only the fact Ceramcor sells an amazing product, but they employ quality people like yourself, people with Christian values and morals. My wife and I have lamented greatly over the years (we are in our 60's :), about the changing face of what once was a spiritual America. It is encouraging that a family like yours espouses those values and seeks to run your business in a truly spiritual manner. Thank you so much for "doing what you do". We are prayerfully proud to know you ........... God bless you and yours. - John

Hello, In my quest for healthy cookware, I have been eyeing Xtrema Ceramcor for a couple of years but couldn't afford it until the great Cyber Monday special--so I decided to treat myself. What a great quality cookware set. It comes with all of the basics you need including the pot holders. Thanks Xtrema Ceramcor for a QUALITY product promoting healthy lifestyle cooking!!! No regrets here - Donna S.

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