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Why Xtrema is Green Cookware You Can Trust

All Xtrema cookware materials are inorganic natural minerals from our earth's crust.

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Some of the toxins present in our day-to-day living environment come from food cooked in aluminum pots and pans. Metals, such as nickel and chromium, have been known to leach into our foods over time as cookware becomes compromised from scratches and deterioration. Holistic health practitioners often recommend discontinuing use of such cookware as part of a detoxification process in order to achieve optimal health.

Xtrema’s green cookware is a safe, versatile, healthy alternative to conventional kitchen products.

Green Cookware is Healthier for your Family

Traditional non-stick cookware contains PFOA, a chemical used to bond non-stick coating to the pan. This has been discovered as toxic, and has been blamed with killing pet birds when heated to a high temperature. It has been deemed a "likely carcinogen" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and manufacturers are being asked to phase it out by the year 2015.

Xtrema’s revolutionary non-scratch surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas. In this modern day and age, thanks to technology, we are becoming more knowledgeable about health risks. Now that you are aware, why continue to compromise your family’s health by using unhealthy cookware?

The surface of Xtrema cookware and bakeware resists bacteria, making it even safer for your family. With traditional products, you run the risk of surfaces trapping food particles and being stained by acidic foods. With Xtrema, you will never transfer tastes and odors to other foods when preparing your family’s meals.

Safe and non-toxic, Xtrema is green cookware you can trust for the optimal health of you and your family.

Our Green Cookware Is Safe for the Environment

The kilns used for manufacturing Xtrema’s eco-friendly, non-reactive, green cookware use clean burning, safe natural gas so not only is it safe for those who cook with it, but it’s safe for our valued employees who manufacture it and safe for the earth, as well.

The eco-friendly materials in your cookware mean you can rest easy knowing you’re providing your family with a "green" meal.

Non-Reactive and Scratch Resistant

The non-scratch ceramic cooking surface on the Xtrema cookware is non-reactive and 100% non-toxic. Unlike other non-stick cookware, no odors or gases are ever released during the entire cooking process, even if the cooking temperatures exceed 2500 F. No matter the heat, the safe and healthy coating won’t flake or chip.

In traditional metal non-stick bakeware, the coatings will deteriorate and end up in your food. With Xtrema’s green cookware, this will never happen.

Aluminum and copper cookware aren’t known for their non-stick qualities. Additionally, both are reactive and can leach metals into your food, especially when acidic foods are cooked in them. This is not only bad for your health, but can also alter the taste of your meals. Why spend more money to buy organic, just to have the taste of your food altered and the health of your family compromised?

Copper cookware might be attractive for some time, but it requires constant polishing and is lined with tin to prevent chemical reactions. Tin is a very soft metal and scratches easily. Xtrema cookware is scratch-resistant, so you can use any utensils you prefer without worrying about scratching or damaging its surface. Your set will stay attractive year after year with virtually no maintenance. Bake, sauté and pan-fry with nylon, silicone, or wooden tools. No need to buy special utensils - save by using what’s already in your kitchen.

Green Cookware that’s Safe to Store and Easy to Clean

Storing food in reactive cookware is not recommended, but Xtrema’s non-reactive cookware is excellent for homemade meal storage. You can cook, serve and store foods in the same Xtrema cookware, which will save energy.

Cleanup is a snap and Xtrema is dishwasher safe if you just want to eat and run. Of course, if you prefer to wash your cookware by hand, feel free to scrub away! Xtrema’s surface is rugged enough to withstand even the toughest Brillo pads.

Choose Xtrema as the healthy, non-reactive alternative to traditional cookware.

Retains Heat Longer

The Xtrema revolutionary ceramic material retains heat longer, which will keep your food warmer longer when brought to the table. Now you can cook without worrying about timing everything perfectly to keep food from getting cold before all your guests are ready to sit down and eat.

Enjoy setting a leisurely table. You can trust Xtrema to keep your food piping hot until it’s time to dig in.

Plus, Xtrema’s unique thermal conductivity means your food will cook evenly throughout. Never again will you have to worry about your roast being raw in the middle or your brownies being crisp on the edges and underdone in the middle. Every dish will come out perfect every time. Don’t you owe yourself that peace of mind when preparing meals for your family?

Nothing Beats Xtrema for Versatility

Xtrema's versatility is unsurpassed. Able to withstand a variety of temperatures, it can easily go from stovetop, to oven, to broiler, to Microwave Oven. Try doing that with cast iron, copper or aluminum.

Make too much food for your family one night? You can take your cookware off the table and put it right in the freezer to enjoy at a later date. When you’re ready, you can take it from the freezer, to the oven and right back to your table, reducing the need for multiple products so you can save energy, time and money.

Who doesn’t have old Tupperware containers that are stained from acidic, red pasta sauces? Or old takeout containers that you send back with your college-aged kids after a visit at home? These containers can hold bacteria and food particles. When you reheat leftovers in the containers, tastes and odors from the stains can seep into your meal. Not with Xtrema. The green cookware is safer, healthier, and cleaner. You can be confident sending leftovers home when you use Xtrema.

Xtrema Comes with a 10-Year Warranty

We’re so confident that you’ll love our Xtrema line of eco-friendly, green cookware that we are willing to stand behind it with a 10-year guarantee. That’s right, if your Xtrema cookware breaks because of thermal shock (hot or cold temperatures), we will replace it for free!

Try finding that kind of guarantee with traditional pots, pans, and bakeware. With Xtrema’s green cookware, your cooking and baking products will outlast your appliances.

Xtrema-Today’s smart choice for the future health of you and your family.

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