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Combine Style and Function With Wooden Kitchen Accessories

Cooks and want-to-be-cooks are all about stocking their kitchen with the best of everything. From high-end appliances to colorful stand mixers, no expense is spared when it comes to preparing food in their dream kitchen.

But among the granite countertops, high end cookware and wine fridge, check the utensil drawer. The years-old cheap and expensive metal spatulas and spoons that have helped you stir, sauté and flip aren’t cutting it. The edges are discolored and rusted from hours spent in hot pots and pans on the gas range. Plastic bits from the melted handles are likely coming off in the dishwasher and in your food. 

It’s time for an upgrade. 

Our solid natural cherry, birch and walnut kitchen utensils and accessories— manufactured right here in the U.S.A. — are just what you need.

About Our Wooden Kitchen Accessories

We offer a variety of cutting boards, coffee mug trees and paper towel holders in addition to cooking and serving utensils. One of our most popular lines is Johnathan’s® Wild Cherry Spoons collection. Made from sustainably harvested cherry trees in Pennsylvania, these spoons are 30 years in the making. Painstakingly handcrafted, the spoons are designed to serve a variety of needs both on the stove and at the dining room table.

Care for your wooden kitchen accessories, and they’ll last a lifetime. Get stubborn food and grime off the spoons using a Scotchbrite® pad, soap and water. For best results, don’t wash the wooden products in your dishwasher and occasionally use Jonathan's® Spoon Wax — also great for dry skin. Note that with time and frequent use, the wooden kitchen accessories will darken.

Wooden Kitchen Accessories Do Double Duty

More than 25 years ago, Scottish engineer John McLeod fell in love with Vermont and turned his woodturning hobby into a business. Today his beautiful products are made out of Vermont’s Walnut and Birch trees. The unique wooden kitchen accessories serve as both cutting boards and serving boards. 

The wooden kitchen accessories come in two finishes — a natural mineral oil and a hand-rubbed lustrous finish — made to match any decor. 

Stock Your Utensil Drawer With Wooden Kitchen Accessories

If it’s high-quality, durable wooden kitchen accessories you’re on the lookout for, Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Spoons are your answer. We offer a variety of wooden kitchen utensils to help you perfect any cooking task. Popular choices include Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood 10-inch Folding Serving Tongs, Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood 11.5-inch Large Spatula, Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood 13-inch Slim Spoon and Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood 13.5-inch Spaghetti & Salad Fork.

To display your wooden kitchen accessories, we also offer Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood Utensil Holder. Get the utensil holder as part of an introductory set, perfect for gift-giving. You can order Jonathan's® Wild Cherry Natural Wood Utensil Six-Piece Set for less than $150. 

Increase Counter-top Storage With Wooden Kitchen Accessories

Short on cabinet space? The Vermont Birch 13-inch Mug Tree or Vermont Walnut 13-inch Mug Tree — both available for less than $35 — could be the answer to your problems. Designed to fit underneath your cabinets on the counter, the sturdy mug trees will hold six coffee cups. 

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