Ceramic - Stove Top and Oven Cookware

Product Durability (Extreme Temperature Ceramic Cookware)

Unlike metal cookware, there's never a concern for damage or meltdown of the cooking vessel should the Xtrema product ever accidentally boil dry after being left on a heating element for an extended period of time. This also reduces the risk of stove damage and a potential fire.

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Product Versatility

Xtrema cookware can be used for food preparation on the stovetop, in a conventional, microwave or toaster oven, under the broiler, and even on the barbecue grill. Since it's also refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe, one versatile vessel serves the function of many, which translates to fewer pots to clean and quicker clean-up time.

Uniform Heat Distribution

Uniform heat distribution eliminates hot spots, which causes burned foods, and uniform heat distribution promotes consistent cooking performance.

Longer Heat Retention

Because the Xtrema material retains heat longer than metal cookware, foods cooked in Xtrema stay hot longer when served. Because foods will continue to cook after the heat source is removed, this heat retention feature also allows for reduced overall cooking time and reduced energy costs.

High temperature, ultra-durable non- scratch finish, inside and out.

Xtrema products feature a revolutionary and technologically advanced ceramic non-scratch ceramic glaze on the inside and outside of every vessel. This ceramic-glaze consists of 100% natural ceramic materials and is completely environmentally safe. The glaze will never emit gaseous or toxic odors (at any temperature), it will not be damaged by the use of metal cooking utensils, and will never peel or flake off into the food. The ceramic glaze on the outside of the cookware also provides faster clean-up and helps keep Xtrema cookware looking brand new, year after year.

Far-infrared cooking technology

The ceramic material used in all Xtrema cookware has an inert and non-reactive quality that produces a far-infrared heating process that's considered the most effective and beneficial type of heat for all types of cooking. This penetrating heat process cooks food from both the inside and outside at the same time. The end result is the emergence of a full range of subtle and nature flavors, an increase in nutritional value and a more enjoyable eating experience. The overall result is Healthy Cooking = Healthy Eating = Healthy Body.

50 Year Warranty against breakage resulting from hot or cold thermal shock.

Consumers have the confidence of knowing that their Xtrema purchase (used according to recommended guidelines) is guaranteed for reliable performance for years to come.

Attractive and functional shapes and sizes

Xtrema cookware incorporates not only attractive design elements (making it doubly functional as a serving vessel) but also features a full range of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of cooking styles and needs.

Bacteria resistant ceramic surface

The surface of every Xtrema product resists bacteria, so even highly acidic foods (such as tomatoes) will not stain the cookware surface or be absorbed into other foods, causing a carryover of tastes and odors from food particles trapped on the surface of the cookware. The Xtrema ceramic glaze provides additional protection from the formation of bacteria on the cookware surface.

High Gloss Finish

Xtrema's high gloss black finish is not only attractive and stylish, but its classic looks suit all types of modern day kitchen decors. In addition, its styling makes it a welcomed serving and entertaining vessel for all occasions.

Extra Wide Carry Handles.

All Xtrema saucepans are designed with extra wide handles to make handling and transporting foods as easy and safe as possible.

Easy Grip Covers.

All Xtrema ceramic lids/covers contain easy-to-grip knobs for safer handling, and they're coated with our revolutionary ceramic glaze non-scratch coating for ease of cleaning.

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Ceramic Cookware: The Healthy, Low-Maintenance Way to Prepare Food for Your Family

Ceramic Cookware

For lots of people, home cooking can be daunting and intimidating. If you are one of those people who automatically grabs frozen or prepared meals because they don’t require the use of a stove, measuring cup or spatula, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is home cooking easy when you’ve got the right products, it’s also a healthy and satisfying option.

Cooking at home is healthier than eating out because many restaurant and fast food meals have hidden calories. While at home you may use olive oil or butter sparingly; at restaurants, butter is slathered all over meat, veggies, potatoes and pastas. At home, you probably add a pinch of salt to your soup or sautéed greens; but at restaurants it is used generously in almost everything, including salad dressings, sauces and even desserts. These types of unseen additives, paired with the large size of portions at most restaurants, mean eating at home is the better option for people looking to improve their health and fitness levels.

Need more proof? A study of about 2,000 men and women showed that those who cooked at home up to five times every week were nearly 50 percent more likely to live longer lives than those who dined out frequently. The findings were so conclusive that it led researcher and lead author Professor Mark Wahlqvist to say, “It has become clear that cooking is a healthy behavior … It deserves a place in lifelong education, public health policy, urban planning and household economics."


Speaking of household economics, eating at home also provides the added benefit of being easier on your pocketbook. During the economic downturn, many people turned to home-cooked meals as a way to stretch their dollar even farther. Now, those habits are sticking even though the economy is improving. In fact, while people often think eating out at fast food restaurants saves time and money, this real-life experiment by ABC News shows that fast food is more expensive than eating at home. Eating at home was not only faster, it cost nearly 50 percent less.

So eating at home is good for your waistline and your budget’s bottom line, but a critical part to being a successful home chef is having the right tools and gadgets. Anyone who has spent hours fiddling with their teapot, soaking their pots to get rid of stains or adjusting the lid to their Dutch oven knows how discouraging inferior products can be in the kitchen. Beyond the fit and cleaning, there are also concerns about the safety of the material. Most pots, coated with nonstick chemicals will flake and chip over time, adding unseen chemicals and toxins into your food.

Here at Xtrema, we provide cookware that combines an innovative ceramic heating surface with a superior ceramic, non-scratch, easy-clean cooking surface that is unequaled in both performance and safety. Xtrema ceramic bakeware and ceramic teaware is lead, cadmium and heavy toxic metal-free, with no PFOA, PTFE or unsafe synthetic coatings.

If you are ready to make a healthy change for yourself and your family by switching to a safe cooking surface, here are some recommendations for getting started.

Starter Xtrema Cookware

So let’s say you truly are a beginner, or that you’re buying a gift for a college student or someone who has just moved out on their own. Our 4.5-inch One Egger 100 percent ceramic skillet is the perfect place to start. Small but mighty, it is perfect for frying up an egg, sautéing onions or garlic or browning cubed chicken. At $23.39, it’s a bargain, since the 100 percent green and ecofriendly Xtrema Ceramic Cookware comes with a 50-year warranty. Unlike other pots and pans, these won’t need to be replaced in just a couple of years.

Think these promises of high quality are too good to be true? Watch this video of a fried egg being easily moved and evenly cooked in one of our Xtrema skillets. Anyone who has struggled to cook the perfect egg won’t believe their eyes. Your old pots and pans, with their scratches and discolored spots, will be pushed to the back of the cupboard or tossed in the garbage bin as this tried-and-true skillet takes pride of place.

If you are looking for more room, say to cook stir-fry or a large piece of meat, try the Xtrema Ceramic 10-inch skillet with cover and silicone pot holder. One customer had this to say about the 10-inch skillet: “This pan is a must-have for the kitchen. Love the cover and the convenience of deep sides for cooking anything from stews to steak. I love this pan! My husband and I are relishing the fact that we don't have to worry about harmful chemicals from nonstick materials leaching into our food. And the pan is energy-efficient, too. So many wonderful things about this pan, I could go on and on. If you can only get one pan from Xtrema, this is it.” A large skillet and cover is a must have in any kitchen.

For soups and other dishes that require a pot instead of a skillet, this 5.5-quart ceramic pot with cover is an all-purpose classic. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe, like all Xtrema Ceramic cookware, which makes them perfect for heating up leftovers. Since there is no metal in the Xtrema Ceramic Cookware and all pieces feature a high-gloss ceramic finish, they are very easy to clean. Anyone whose had to struggle with stains or let pots soak for days can appreciate the benefit of an easy-to-clean kitchen staple.

Baking Dish

A whole roasted chicken is an easy, healthy comfort food favorite for every family. Our 4-quart baking dish and roaster with removable roasting rack is deep enough to fit the bird and veggies, making the classic meal in a dish that can withstand temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees. The best part about the brilliant, shiny black finish is that our cookware can go straight from the oven or stovetop to the dining room table. No need to dirty a serving dish when the cookware is this beautiful. Ceramic bakeware is a must for any kitchen.

Once you’ve got your basic pots and pans squared away, it’s time to turn your stovetop into a griddle with the 12-inch Pizza and Stove Top Grill Pan. Use it in the oven to evenly bake a perfectly browned pizza crust, or use it on the stovetop to make grilled cheese, Panini sandwiches or meat with those tell-tale grill marks. This is the largest ceramic grill pan in the world, giving you plenty of cooking space without the chemicals that come from other cooking surfaces.

What to cook in this brand new cookware? Click here to see our recipe page for ideas, like zucchini fritters, five-ingredient chili and chicken with sun dried tomatoes in a cream sauce. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more recipe ideas.

Complete Sets and Gift Sets

Cooking Set

Many of our customers want to replace their entire set of pots and pans at once. Not only does this save money over buying the pieces individually, it also ensures you are preparing all of your food in safe, durable, long-lasting cookware.

The 10-piece Xtrema saucepan set includes the 16-ounce, 1-quart, 1.25-quart and 2.5-quart saucepans, all with covers as well as two black potholders. The long handle feature will prevent those pesky burns that come with short-handled cookware. If you have recipes that go from stovetop to oven, like a frittata, Xtrema cookware can be taken from the stove to the oven and back again easily. Many home cooks have tried this with other brands, only to see their food and their cookware ruined by the high temperatures. Watch this short video of an Xtrema pot and a common aluminum skillet in a gas oven to see the results for yourself.

Looking to replace your pots? The 14-piece Xtrema Ceramic pot set includes a 10-inch braiser skillet with cover, a 16-ounce Versa Pot with cover, a 1.25-quart Versa Pot with cover, a 2.5-quart Versa Pot with cover, a 3.5-quart Versa Pot with cover as well as four red silicon pot holders. These lead- and metal-free ceramic bakeware and covers will make a fantastic wedding or graduation gift.

Another high-quality gift would be the huge 10-quart 100 percent ceramic Dutch oven with lid. This is the largest ceramic Dutch oven in the world, and will become the go-to pot for slow-cooked, homemade meals. Every one of these Dutch oven sets is made by hand by ceramic artisans. Thanks to ceramic’s natural ability to retain heat, you can put your meal right onto the dinner table with the assurance that it will stay warm.

Looking to add hearty, healthy soups to your family’s dinner menu? One of our customers explains that this Dutch oven is a necessity: “Glorious pot! This is my new bone broth, soup, stew, casserole, beans pot. I use lots of leafy greens in my food. This pot handles lots of them! Perfect for the long, low simmer used to make healthy bone broths and bone broth soups.” Large batches of soups and stews freeze well and can be enjoyed well after they are made. Side dishes like potatoes and roast veggies can also be made in a Dutch oven.

If you or the loved ones in your life need a splash of color, our 14-piece, 100 percent ceramic cookware set is available in firebrick red and apple green.

Teaware, Dinnerware, Storage and More

Pots and pans are typically the first to be replaced when home cooks learn of the chemicals that can be leached into food from other types of cookware, but we offer many other healthy options for common kitchen staples.

For example, after clients complained of a metallic taste in their hot water from other types of teapots, we created this 1-quart, 100 percent ceramic teapot with an easy grip handle. Since it goes easily from the stove to the fridge to the dishwasher, this ceramic teapot can also be used to make iced tea in the summer.

One customer summed up the teapot this way: “I have used this teapot every day since it arrived and couldn't be happier with my purchase. The teapot has a nice handle and when it quickly boils, it's still cool to the touch. It holds several cups of tea and maintains its warmth, especially if a tea cozy is used. I love the short squat design. It fits snuggly on my tea tray with plenty of room for cups, saucers, sugar, etc.” If you’re tea goes cold quickly, the natural makeup of ceramic will ensure that your beverage stays warm and delicious until the last drop.

We also carry a wide variety of wooden utensils, wooden cutting boards and wooden serving boards that complete the 100 percent, all-natural kitchen and will ensure your pots, pans and accessories last a lifetime.

Now what to do with the leftovers after dinner? Try the FridgeX Silicone Storage System. Silicone is the most common element on the planet after oxygen, and these containers are safe for use in the fridge, freezer and dishwasher.

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When you look at your pots and pans and see the scratches and flakes at the bottom of the cooking surface, do you ever wonder where those metal pieces have gone? Most likely into your food. Our Xtrema cookware is lead, cadmium and heavy toxic metal-free, and when used correctly is scratch-free. Using these pots will reduce your energy consumption because they retain the heat and it’s thermal conductivity ensures that your foods will stay hotter longer. Ceramic cookware is the smart choice for home cooks.

Xtrema offers free shipping in the United State for all orders over $100. Order your ceramic cookware easily online, or call our customer service representatives at 888-422-1983. Start on the path to healthy, stress-free home cooking today with Xtrema ceramic cookware.

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